H-Volt brings together a group of transformer experts with wide ranging experience in power, distribution and dry type transformer technologies and applications.

We as a group of consultants offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Large Shell Form and Core Form Power Transformers
  • Pole, Pad Mounted, Station and Subsurface Class Distribution Transformers in several fluids
  • Cast Resin and Vacuum Pressure Impregnated Medium Voltage Dry Type Transformers
  • Low Voltage Dry Type and Specialty Transformers
  • Design Optimization and evaluation, including dielectric studies, stray and eddy calculations and methods
  • Transformer Winding Impulse and Switching Surge Voltage Analysis.
  • Electrostatic and Electromagnetic analysis using FEA techniques
  • Transformer Specification Preparation, Vendor evaluation, Design reviews, and Test witnessing
  • Field-failure investigations, analysis, and Product Liability Experts
  • Transformer audible sound and vibrations as well as attenuation techniques
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • State Of-The-Art Production and Test Equipment
  • Industry and Government Affairs representation, including IEEE, ANSI C57, NEMA, IEC TC14, the Department Of Energy, UL, and CSA

Many transformer manufacturers cannot afford to maintain a design and development engineering  work force, especially during lean business conditions. We stand ready to supplement your resources to  meet your product design and development needs in diverse transformer technologies at your convenience!

To our electrical utility clients, we offer our experience in large power and distribution  transformer technologies supplemented with our years of involvement in both National and International  Standards. We can provide effective assistance in managing and procuring your transformer assets.

Collectively, we bring more than one hundred years of experience and special analytical tools to  meet your requirements. We invite you to give us the opportunity to assist you in addressing the performance,  reliability and application issues relating to your transformer assets.